How To Wear Your Baby: Ali Fedotowsky Shows You Her Expert Tips

The early rising mom (she starts each day with a 6 a.m. bowl of angel hair spaghetti topped with vegan butter and Parmesan cheese) also often has Molly nap in the carrier, which has a built-in shaded hood: “It’s really good when your baby needs to sleep and you have nowhere quiet for her to lay down and go to bed,” she explains.

The season 6 Bachelorette alum is grateful for the chance to keep on moving to meet her 10,000-steps-a-day goal. “I can dance, I can Hula-Hoop if I wanted to, I can march,” the 5-foot-7 beauty said of wearing Molly. “I take care of my child and sneak in exercise while I do it.” In addition to hikes, the reality star tosses the always-smiling baby in the air to tone her arms and leg-sculpting squats are a signature mommy-daughter dance move.


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